Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Yesterday was a good day. I got to come home early from work and take a nap which NEVER happens. It felt soooo good. I woke up about 2 hrs later to Spencer coming home with a dozen pink roses for me. :) Ahh how sweet!!! We then we out to eat at Enzos here in downtown LaPorte. They started us out with some bread and oil and cheese dip. Yummy. Then they brought out a Caesar salad for me and Spencer got some vegetable soup. Then the Bamboccio pizza was served. It had fresh mozzarella tomato and pepperoni. Also brought out with the Bambccio was a Capellini Caterina pasta dish. It had Shrimp and angle hair pasta with a fresh tomato basil sauce. Then to top it off was some Spumoni for dessert. YUMMMMMM So needless to say if you are ever in the area you have to try this place out. Its AMAZING!!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

We had a very eventful weekend. Chris and the boys showed up on Friday night. They spent the night on Friday and Saturday night. On Saturday i had to wake up and go to work really early while the boys all went fishing. :) After i got off of work we all went to the Dunes. We had a blast there! It was so much fun watching the boys play in the water they were being so silly. :) After the dunes we went to Hacienda for Chris' birthday! Haha it was so funny and such a surprise when they came out with a birthday cake and sombrero(?) He was so embarrassed haha it was so funny. Then we went home and crashed because I had church in the morning and spencer had work. Church was really good i had all the young women! Which is fine Laurie and lisa were sick and Allison was out of town. After church we all went to John and Debbies house and had lunch then after lunch Chris Ethan Colin John Debbie and I all went to see great grandpa jablonski and great grandma and pa Kruger graves. That was a lot of fun. Then spencer got home and we went to Dan and Natalies for the rest of the weekend. It was so good to see them. It has been way toooo long!

On monday we went over to Britanys for a BBQ. That was a lot of fun. Then after we came home and went swimming before we left to come home. It was a short trip and wished it was longer but we were just happy to be able to see Dan Nat and Ashton.

We did find out today that Ashton does have some type of cancer and has to go back to Childrens Memorial Hospitial on Thursday! Poor little girl. :(

Please keep her in your prayers.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Super stressed out! My family is getting together this weekend for Memorial day. I had asked for the weekend off but of course they didnt give it to me. :( I feel like whenever my family wants to get together its always the worst weekend for Spencer and I. I know that they dont intentionally do it that way. This weekend i have Sunday off but Spencer has to work Sunday and i work Saturday but he has it off. UGHH I can't wait till spencer gets done with school and gets a real job where he can have weekends and holidays off. He does have weekends off and has the day of the holiday off but because its memorial day this coming weekend he has to work on sunday to make up having monday off. GRR

Last night Spencer and I watched the Celebrity Apprentice and The Brooks and Dunn tribute concert! I really liked the concert! Everyone sounded great :)

I have to go into work at 3 today and i close BOO :( So i guess il going to go and get ready now!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Last night I got off of work at 7 and i had to rush home because Allison and Chris were coming over to hang out. They got here around 745ish and we watched some shows and talked. We also played a game called nertz! It was a lot of fun! My favorite childhood card game to play was speed and this was a lot like it. Then at 9 the Mentalist came on and it was the season finale so we HAD to watch that! :)

This morning Spencer woke up at 5am because he had to be to work early today! Every Friday they have meetings for the Account Managers so hes gotta get up early. I also had to be to work early but not as early as Spencer. I had to be to work at 830am. But it felt like 4am to me. LOL

Today was pretty slow at the store for me but Spencer had a SUPER busy day today! He is still trying to make his way home right now! Poor guy! I've got Pizza and breadsticks for him when he gets home :)

Tonight i think we might just rent a movie and relax. I know Spencers dad wants to go fishing but its been raining all day and its still spitting.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Today was a crazy day! It had its ups and downs but once Spencer got home everything was GREAT! I woke up today determined to clean EVERY little corner of our place. I stared out with the bathroom, I scrubbed the shower walls and tub which was much

Tonight i have mutual and Spencer is going fishing with his dad on the St. Joe River! I much rather be with them than cleaning up trash along the road for a service project! Ha oh well i guess ill get blessing!

Spencer and I went to the movies the other night and saw Date Night and we thought that it was funny but not what we expected! I think i laughed the hardest at the very end when the credits were rolling and they were showing the bloopers! Steve Carell is so funny! Overall i think they did a great job but just a little disappointed.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Spencer and I decided to start doing this more often, mostly for family.

Yesterday we both had a really great day at church. It was my second Sunday being the Young Women's President. I'm still really excited about it. :) Spencer is having to get up at 5am to be to the church at 5:45am for Bishopric meetings. I know that its a challenge for him since its really one of the only two days he has to sleep in a little bit.

But we both had a great day at church! :)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Things are looking up for us, today i had my second interview with Best Buy and originally i was being interviewed for just a seasonal cashier, but towards the end of the interview Tony (who is one of the managers at Best Buy) told me that he really liked me and wanted to offer me a job. He gave me two options, one of which i would be working with customer service but i would sorta be part time. They had all the full time positions filled and all part time positions filled. But that i would be just a bit lower than the part time employees. Yes i know confusing!! Anyways to sum that up i wouldn't have many hours but i would be paid more in that area. The second position he offered me was to be a PC specialist. Where which i would basically be a geek and know everything there is to know about computers. That really caught my attention for some odd reason. The position that was being offered was part time but since the supervisor in that department was leaving the company that someone would move up which would free up a full time position. So i got even more excited. Tony said that today was the last day for anyone to turn an application in for that position, so if no one turned one in then i would automatically get the full time position. SO im totally pumped!! Im so ready to get life moving a little bit more. Also on October 6th i will start taking online classes through the University of Phoenix. I will be studying Elementary Education. I cant tell you how excited i am for that to start. Oh also the stress from being called into Primary as first counselor is slowly dieing down. Im helping them get more organized. Spencer is doing well. He is still having trouble with coke... but its starting to get better little by little. Last night we went over to a friends house to have dinner and FHE. WE HAD A BLAST!! Spencer is doing well in school. Its getting harder and harder but he is doing awesome at studying hard. He loves his calling as the 2nd counselor in elders quorum. It feels like we will be able to strengthen the branch. It feels so good to go to this branch because its just like one big family. Well im going to get back to reading my book.... i just cant seem to put it down.